It's Official! BeTh's New Poetry Book The Broken Whale Released by Tate Publishing 

It's Official!

February 17, 2015 - Oklahoma City, OK, publisher Tate Publishing announced the official release of BeTh's new collection of poetry and lyrical musings - The Broken Whale - now available at Amazon and Tate Publishing!
Do you live to eat poems in your mouth too? In The Broken Whale, Sarah E. Isbell sets forth a stunning collection of poetry and lyrical works designed to spark your curiosity and begin a thought-provoking examination of the subjects discussed with exquisitely masterful wordplay. "Poetry," as the author explains, "is a vehicle for self-exploration, to gather wisdom and further our imaginations, while humor provides an antidote to the stress in our lives. Poetry is not the truth, but we can see the truth of our reflection in it, if done well. The same pool of vision can also provide a reflection of our society and culture, and the times in which the poet lives."

106 pages - $18.99 (paperback)
$13.99 (digital download)


NEW BOOKS - BeTh's 2 New Books To Be Released This Spring! 

BeTh's two new books - The Broken Whale, a collection of poetry & lyrical musings from an existentialist mind trapped in a post-modern society, AND - The Book Of Green Goo, a Dr. Seuss style children's book about cold/flu safety, creativity, imagination, tolerance and social acceptance - have been signed to publishing deals with Tate Publishing in Oklahoma City, OK, and Tate plans to officially release The Broken Whale on Fat Tuesday (Mardis Gras) February 17, 2015, and to officially release The Book Of Green Goo later this Spring! 

BeTh, whose real name and thus author name is Sarah Isbell, has a new Facebook Author page listing upcoming book signing events and other information about her books and their publishing releases, and where she also posts poetry & other author related work. Click on this link to LIKE her new Author page on Facebook:

NEW BAND: Manila Groove Machine  Podcast

BeTh (vocals, guitars, bass, ukulele) has formed a new band, Manila Groove Machine, with some very talented musicians in their young 20s - Zach Alder (vocals, guitars, bass), Sarah Torres (vocals, bass, guitars), and Joey Incorvaia (backing vocals, drums, bass, guitars).  The new project has already played 10 shows locally, been featured with a spotlight show listing in the North Coast Journal, and has a feature story / full band interview coming soon in the Mad River Union newspaper.  We're playing at The Siren's Song in Eureka, CA, on Sat. Jan. 24th, and we've been booked to play our first Casino show on Sat. Feb. 28th at Blue Lake Casino, Blue Lake CA.  So that's exciting news!  More exciting news is that we've scheduled some recording studio time soon, so stay tuned for new music!  :)  Keep up with Manila Groove Machine's sonic adventures on Facebook:
  1. Red Suitcase

Exciting News! Official LP Release! New Radio Show! BeTh's 30 Day Challenge! New Videos!  Podcast

My fan/friend newsletter went out today, you can sign up at For those of you who aren't signed up yet, here it is ...


Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, it's here! Today is the official release of my new album "We Are The Gods!" And to celebrate, you can download it for FREE at CD Baby:
Or get it on iTunes at:!/id907206531
Album Review:
Press Story/Release:

Also, I made a decision on 9.7.14 to prove my artistic worth to you over the next 30 days, and BeTh's 30 Day Challenge was born. So far, in the first 10 days, I've posted almost 30 items of lovely free content for you to peruse if you choose. Patreon is a cool arts patron site where for as little as $1/month (you set your limit) you can pledge support for your favorite artists! And you can check out all the free content I've already posted without having to sign up or pledge.
(And if you do decide to pledge, I promise I won't post more than one or two pieces of paid content per month).

The past weekend I had the opportunity to play lead guitar with my friend Sarah Torres at Humboldt Pride! It's pretty fun to play on a stage where you can see the ocean to all your fun-loving friends! Here's the audio from our performance that day: Check it out, I really like Sarah's indie folk pop singer-songwriter style songs, I think you might too!

After Pride, we drove up in the mountains to play a show at Mad River Brewery in Blue Lake, CA. And this beautiful thing happened: Bleed ... ... To "bleed," n., meaning to pour your soul out ... it's now entered in the Guitar Center national singer-songwriter contest. It would mean a lot to me if you could go there & vote for it, if you dig it! Thanks!

And early Saturday morning before Pride, my new radio show The Flower Power Hour debuted on KMUD. It's a fun good vibe program showcasing psychedelic music from the current indie rock scene all the way back to Haight-Ashbury, complete with beat poetry, great music, and lots of laughs. It airs every Saturday morning from 4am-5am (PST)! So if you're on the East Coast or in the Midwest, make it your morning show if you wake up that early on Saturdays, or if you're still awake from your Friday night! Also, if you're in London it's on at Noon on Saturdays, or 1pm if you're in other parts of Europe. And it's on Friday nights if you're in Australia, New Zealand or Japan/Asia. You can listen live to the show broadcast from anywhere in the world on-line at or listen anytime at your leisure in the show archives at the station's website. And for those of you who missed the first episode, here it is:

OK, that's a lot to digest, so I'll save the bit about my new poetry & children's books for the next newsletter. There really is a lot of cool artistic stuff - poems, songs, videos, radio shows, etc. posted at the Patreon site for my 30 Day Challenge, I really hope you'll check it out. I'm sure you'll find something you love. And, I hate asking for votes, but the song I posted in the guitar center contest is really sweet, so if you can help a girl out, much love & many thanks! I'm trying pretty hard these days to create art that I love, and hopefully, that you will love too! That's my goal, to keep you happy with cool new art! So thanks very much for your support. It really does mean a lot to me. Thanks!


Main Website:
FREE album download:
  1. We Are The Gods!

Official Album Release - We Are The Gods! 

BeTh's OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE IS TODAY - SEPTEMBER 15, 2014  BeThisBell ∆ We Are The Gods!
Click here to download your very own digital version of the full album for FREE!

And check out all the cool free content posted by this Artist as part of BeTh's 30 Day Challenge
to prove her artistic worth to you!

And we just got an email that the new album has now broken into the Top 40 on ReverbNation.  Maybe billboard too?  ;)

Hello Humboldt! 

As you guys know, I recently moved to Eureka, California, in Humboldt County along the gorgeous Northern Coast of California, between San Francisco and Oregon, or as the locals call everything around here, even the weed lol, "Humboldt".  Holly and I played shows at the end of January in both Los Angeles and in San Francisco, and both shows went really well, particularly our San Francisco show which was off the hook!  We made a lot of new friends and fans, and even picked up a new San Francisco based music publicist for the duo & the band. 

Since arriving in Humboldt in early February, I've been playing a lot of open mics & blues jams around here, meeting some talented musicians, and making a lot of new friends & fans.  If you're in Humboldt, you can catch me performing on Wednesday nights (about 7-9pm) down at Old Town Coffee & Chocolates in the Old Town section (211 F. St.) of Downtown Eureka AND/OR later on Wednesday nights (about 9-11pm) at the JimiJeff Jam at Central Station (1611 Central Ave.) in McKinleyville.  AND on Thursday nights (about 8-10pm) at Blondies (420 E. California Ave.) near the Humboldt State University campus in Arcata.

We're busy reformulating the band and the new line-up, writing new material, and making a lot of new friends, fans, and good venue/event contacts on the West Coast.  I've already met a lot of talented players out here and things will happen and fall in place, just in time for Holly Wood to join me out here this June for a West Coast tour, and a prelude to our killer new album coming out this summer!

Peace out!  And thanks for all the love!

Interview on KATT FM & story of the band 

This is BeTh's interview on The KATT radio in OKC from Nov. 21, 2013, talking about the new album & upcoming shows, and the radio debut of our new song She's Not Catholic, if you missed it or don't live in OKC. Thanks to Brad Reed at The KATT.  The Story of the Band BeThisBell: Guitarist & vocalist BeTh isBell and lead guitarist Justin Hays met at ACM@UCO & formed BeThisBell in Spring 2011. Shortly thereafter Cody Fowler (who is also in the band Horse Thief) joined the band on bass and turned us on to Kellan Turner on drums. The band has played shows at various clubs and music & pride festivals Oklahoma City, OK, and Dallas, TX. Earlier this year (2013), the band began recording it's first album We Are The Gods! at Bell Labs in Norman, OK, with producer Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens). And that basically is the line-up on the album, although we had to bring Nick Ley of the band colourmusic in to play drums on the album when Kellan had to go back to Texas to attend to family business. Justin & BeTh played all the rhythm guitar parts on the album, and when Justin had to move back to Missouri where his family is from, we picked up Blaise Thompson of the bands Moon & Drainbows to join us, and BeTh & Blaise finished all the lead guitar parts on the album. And right as we were finishing up the album, Holly Wood joined the band on keyboards & vocals. She's amazing and has perfect pitch, lol. Holly & BeTh have also recently been playing a lot of duo shows around OKC. Most recently, we decided to replace Blaise with David Carlyle, an amazing guitarist who is also in the band Giraffe Massacre.  The current line-up kills and the band recently picked up a music publishing contract with David Bowie's publisher, Essex Music Intl., Inc. on it's new WATG! album. And our next show is at the BlueNoteLounge in OKC, OK on December 27th. Come trip with us. ;)