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Hello Humboldt! 

As you guys know, I recently moved to Eureka, California, in Humboldt County along the gorgeous Northern Coast of California, between San Francisco and Oregon, or as the locals call everything around here, even the weed lol, "Humboldt".  Holly and I played shows at the end of January in both Los Angeles and in San Francisco, and both shows went really well, particularly our San Francisco show which was off the hook!  We made a lot of new friends and fans, and even picked up a new San Francisco based music publicist for the duo & the band. 

Since arriving in Humboldt in early February, I've been playing a lot of open mics & blues jams around here, meeting some talented musicians, and making a lot of new friends & fans.  If you're in Humboldt, you can catch me performing on Wednesday nights (about 7-9pm) down at Old Town Coffee & Chocolates in the Old Town section (211 F. St.) of Downtown Eureka AND/OR later on Wednesday nights (about 9-11pm) at the JimiJeff Jam at Central Station (1611 Central Ave.) in McKinleyville.  AND on Thursday nights (about 8-10pm) at Blondies (420 E. California Ave.) near the Humboldt State University campus in Arcata.

We're busy reformulating the band and the new line-up, writing new material, and making a lot of new friends, fans, and good venue/event contacts on the West Coast.  I've already met a lot of talented players out here and things will happen and fall in place, just in time for Holly Wood to join me out here this June for a West Coast tour, and a prelude to our killer new album coming out this summer!

Peace out!  And thanks for all the love!

Interview on KATT FM & story of the band 

This is BeTh's interview on The KATT radio in OKC from Nov. 21, 2013, talking about the new album & upcoming shows, and the radio debut of our new song She's Not Catholic, if you missed it or don't live in OKC. Thanks to Brad Reed at The KATT.  The Story of the Band BeThisBell: Guitarist & vocalist BeTh isBell and lead guitarist Justin Hays met at ACM@UCO & formed BeThisBell in Spring 2011. Shortly thereafter Cody Fowler (who is also in the band Horse Thief) joined the band on bass and turned us on to Kellan Turner on drums. The band has played shows at various clubs and music & pride festivals Oklahoma City, OK, and Dallas, TX. Earlier this year (2013), the band began recording it's first album We Are The Gods! at Bell Labs in Norman, OK, with producer Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens). And that basically is the line-up on the album, although we had to bring Nick Ley of the band colourmusic in to play drums on the album when Kellan had to go back to Texas to attend to family business. Justin & BeTh played all the rhythm guitar parts on the album, and when Justin had to move back to Missouri where his family is from, we picked up Blaise Thompson of the bands Moon & Drainbows to join us, and BeTh & Blaise finished all the lead guitar parts on the album. And right as we were finishing up the album, Holly Wood joined the band on keyboards & vocals. She's amazing and has perfect pitch, lol. Holly & BeTh have also recently been playing a lot of duo shows around OKC. Most recently, we decided to replace Blaise with David Carlyle, an amazing guitarist who is also in the band Giraffe Massacre.  The current line-up kills and the band recently picked up a music publishing contract with David Bowie's publisher, Essex Music Intl., Inc. on it's new WATG! album. And our next show is at the BlueNoteLounge in OKC, OK on December 27th. Come trip with us. ;)

Meet BeTh ...  

I used to do civil rights law, was pretty good at it, you even have rights as an employee here in Oklahoma against being fired for reasons that violate Oklahoma public policy because of my efforts. Then I transitioned from male to female. That was a hard decision, and a very costly one. I was no longer able to find a job, even among firms that specialized in civil rights law, because they feared that a jury or clients would not be as open minded as they claimed to be. But I am who I am & like who I am, and you have to be you, sometimes society does not make that easy LOL, but you have to be true to yourself, let your light (not "their" light) shine. I've always been interested in music. Picked up a guitar in high school, but never stuck with it back then. After my divorce, after being diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder & during the whole transition process, writing songs kept me sane. If not for songwriting & music, I would have lost hope & would not be here. That's a pretty serious, but true, statement. Having little actual opportunity to return to practicing law, and having almost died twice from two major heart / pulmonary embolism episodes due to medical complications, I decided to go to music college to pursue music. My songwriting & performance skills have all gotten much better lately. I don't have much opportunity or the money to return to law ... so I'm all in on music. Got to find a way to make this work for the sake of my twins, and to pay off these student loans lol. Recently, I've freed myself of the burden of having to know every song, and just been focusing on playing the ones I like better, and that's been working nicely. The new album is coming along nicely, love these guys, & so focusing on that. Got my Associates degree in music last semester & may even get my Bachelor's degree in music this semester, hopefully. Would like to eventually teach. And tour. That would be sweet. And fight. For your right to be yourself too.

Our NEW Twitter Page. Follow Us! 

 Our old Twitter account @BeThisBell got hacked, well actually the email associated with it LOL, so we've had to wipe the slate clean and start completely over again on Twitter. So the band's NEW Twitter page is @BeThisBellBand - so please follow us on Twitter. It's sort of lonely at the moment with only 1 friend. Ha ... well, hope you can help by following us on Twitter at our new page @BeThisBellBand

Download the NEW BeThisBell App for your Phone! 

Hey y'all. The band is recording a new album (psychedelic grunge punk) with Justin Hays on guitars, Nick Ley on drums, Cody Fowler on bass, and BeTh isBell on vocals & guitars, due for release later this summer. This is a link to our new app for your iPhone or app-capable cell phone. You have to load it through your internet browser on your phone: ... but once you do it shows up as an icon on your phone & you can listen to music, be the first to get the new album when it comes out, first to get news, show & ticket info, photos, etc., and stay in touch with the band & other fans. Awesome!

Update: Recording at Bell Labs (Norman, OK) 

Well, we're three days into recording our NEW album "We Are The Gods!" at Bell Labs Recording (Studio) in Norman, OK. And so far, we've finished all the drums and bass guitar parts, and 1/2 of the rhythm guitar work. Still have the other 1/2, plus lead guitars & lead vocals to record, but everything is starting to sound big. Y'all are going to dig it. The new album is scheduled for release later this year. It's going to rock!!!

The new BeThisBell album 'We Are The Gods!' tells a story of real life heroes rising above histories of family and cultural abuse, leaving home to face their external and internal fears, and returning to their villages as a wise shaman sharing a beautiful message of hope and love. With Nicholas Ley on drums, Cody Fowler on bass, Justin Alan Hays on guitars, BeTh isBell on guitars & vocals, and Trent Bell, producing. Coming soon!

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes!

Lessons in Touring by my friend blues artist Jason Elmore (Dallas,TX) 

*It will always be finals week, a game, or homecoming, somewhere. Always.
*2 guitar amps are too much trouble, night after night
*People are f****d up no matter where you go
*Rich people dance worse than the rest of the population
*Go ahead and turn down, before you even power up
*The hotel will NEVER have things right, even if you just called ahead
*Texas has the prettiest women, per ratio
*Some places actually play music during the breaks that is relevant to the band
*Gonna need you to turn down some more. All of it. Drums too.
*Soundman will always be stingy with the vocals in the monitor
*Even if the vocals get where you need them in the monitor, the soundman WILL bring them down. They like to be the extra band member.
*Vodka WILL give you a hangover if you drink enough
*Just because your bass player says he didnt turn up, doesnt mean he didnt f*** with the EQ or hit a boost pedal
*Orange soda being purchased means vodka WILL be consumed
*You can never take enough guitar picks with you. Where do they go???
*There is a man in every bar who yells out 'Freebird' and thinks that he's the first to ever do so. He also thinks he's H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.
*5 guitars is too many, even if they all serve a different purpose"

Jason is a great guitarist, awesome.  Check out his band (Vodoo Witch) and website.