The Story of the Band BeThisBell:
     Guitarist & vocalist BeThisBell, aka BeTh isBell, and lead guitarist Justin Hays met at ACM@UCO & formed BeThisBell in Spring 2011. Shortly thereafter Cody Fowler (who is also in the band Horse Thief) joined the band on bass and turned us on to Kellan Turner on drums. The band has played shows at various clubs and music & pride festivals Oklahoma City, OK, and Dallas, TX. After graduating from music college in 2013, BeTh and the band began recording We Are The Gods! at Bell Labs in Norman, OK, with producer Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens). And that essentially is the same line-up as appears on BeTh's new We Are The Gods! album, although we brought in Nick Ley of the band colourmusic in to play drums on the album. Justin & BeTh played all the rhythm guitar parts on the album, then we picked up Blaise Thompson of the bands Moon & Drainbows to join us and BeTh & Blaise finished all the lead guitar parts on the album. And right as we were finishing up the album, Holly Wood joined the band in live performances in the OKC area on keyboards & vocals. She's amazing and has perfect pitch, lol. Holly & BeTh have also played a lot of duo shows around OKC and even in LA & SF. The band recently picked up a music publishing contract with David Bowie's publisher, Essex Music Intl., Inc. on it's new WATG! album.