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BeTh's New Singles "Bleed" and "Shine On" from her new "Work It Out" EP (official release 4/15/15)
Work It Out EP (CD): NEW 2015 - Work It Out EP (Physical CD + Downloads)
  • Work It Out EP (CD): NEW 2015 - Work It Out EP (Physical CD + Downloads)

Work It Out EP (CD): NEW 2015 - Work It Out EP (Physical CD + Downloads)

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BeThisBell Work It Out (EP)
 (Essex Music Intl.)

Sounds like David Bowie, Santana, REM, Frank Black/Pixies, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, The Dead Weather

BeThisBell (aka BeTh isBell) is alternative stadium glam rock with psychedelic, proto-punk, and blues-rock influences, and is proud to unveil her sophomore EP, “Work It Out.” On the heels of her September 2014 album “We Are The Gods!” - which garnered a publishing deal with Essex Music Intl., Inc., (who also represents David Bowie’s artist catalog) and TRO Workshop Productions - BeThisBell and producer Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens) have delivered another exquisitely crafted work of art, full of excellent performances. Suggested singles are #5 Shine On, with it’s big stadium rock chorus, and #2 Bleed, about pouring one’s soul out on stage, or weed and psychedelic drugs, we’re not sure, lol. The title cut #1 Work It Out works for either AAA or Adult Contemporary format. #4 Hometown (Reprise) is a shorter version and reference back to one of the most popular songs on BeTh’s “We Are The Gods!” album. The album version was explicit, this EP version is not. Track #3 Words does contain explicit FCC content, but may be very genre appropriate for late night / early morning college radio / indie rock shows.

We Are The Gods! Album (CD): 2014 We Are The Gods! (Physical CD + Downloads)

We Are The Gods! Album (CD): 2014 We Are The Gods! (Physical CD + Downloads)

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BeThisBell We Are The Gods! (Album/CD) (Essex Music)

Sounds like David Bowie, Santana, REM, Frank Black/Pixies, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, The Dead Weather

BeThisBell (aka BeTh isBell) is alternative stadium glam rock with psychedelic, proto-punk, and blues-rock influences.

BeThisBell's (aka BeTh isBell) latest solo release "We Are The Gods!" is pure psychedelic punk. This is the sound of your brain going through high school, or college, or maybe just overcoming your despair and loss of hope, or maybe of an LGBT artist breaking free of societal expectations. This album is the sound of all that, quite colorfully exploding in your headphones!

The sound is big, massive, in your face punk with a psychedelic edge. Lyrics that captivate your mind within the soundscape of some of the slower moving delay drenched tracks and make you question your sensibilities and societal norms in the ample staple of post-grunge punk on this album. For those who are suffering from depression or loss of hope, this album is empowering, with some listeners even reporting back to the band the experience of listening to the album in it's entirety has been having an almost cathartic effect on them.

BeTh, who despite being femaie sounds male in these recordings, provides the vocals, rhythm & lead guitar work, and the main songwriting for the album, although she gave each of the musicians performing on the album and the producer, grammy award winning Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens), 5% of the songwriting of each song to thank them for their work in recording the album. The album features performances by Nick Ley of colourmusic (Memphis Industries) on drums, and Cody Fowler of Horse Thief (Bella Union) on bass, in addition to delay drenched guitar performances by Blaise Thompson of Drainbows and Justin Alan Hay. All of the songs on this album were written while BeTh was attending music college at ACM@UCO, a fully accredited program through the University of Central Oklahoma, and run by Scott Booker, the manager of the grammy-award winning Flaming Lips, which is where BeTh and the musicians performing on the album became friends, played shows together, and honed their chops. The album was mastered by grammy-award winning Garrett Haines of Treelady Studios, located near Pittsburgh, PA.

The CD features 10 tracks for download, with Tracks 1-5 essentially comprising Side 1 of the album, and Tracks 6-10 making up Side 2 of the album:

  1. Ancestral Dance
  2. Pathetic
  3. Hometown
  4. Ruby
  5. Oblivion
  6. Freak!
  7. She's Not Catholic
  8. Bleed
  9. We Are The Gods!
  10. In This Moment

The album, already signed to an 85/15 publishing contract with TRO Workshop Productions, Inc., and Essex Music Intl., Inc. (David Bowie's publisher), will be officially released on September 15, 2014 on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Bandcamp. CD quality 16bit mp3 downloads of all tracks on the album will be FREE. However, fans can help support the artist and encourage creation of more music by buying the physical CD for only $6.99, or by upgrading to purchase Specially Mastered for iTunes highest quality 24bit version mp3 downloads of the full album through iTunes upon release. Additionally, pre-orders of the physical CD are currently available through CD Baby, or directly from the artist's Bandcamp website for only $5.00, through the album release date:

This is the artist's own descriptions of the songs appearing on the album, in the order they appear:

"1. Ancestral Dance - truth is, I hate electronica. My point really is that anyone, even me, can use a computer to create a cool beat, which is why I much prefer a band that can play their instruments cranking out rock & roll - as occurs in the rest of the album. (This track is also 3/4 the volume of the next track Pathetic to coax listeners into turning the volume up!)

  1. Pathetic - these are things said to me, which I am, in this song, turning around. It's an attempt to take my power back. I'm saying STFU! to the voices of all those doubters and haters who tell you constantly you will never be good enough, & to the ones in my head.
  2. Hometown - this song is about Schenectady, N.Y., which is my hometown, or not. I love the lead guitar with reverse delay & an octave fuzz tone that runs throughout this song. It's quite unusual and imo, makes the vibe of the song come to life. Everybody can relate to the teenage angst of needing to break out of your hometown. Schenectady is a fascinating place, with a lot of interesting history & backstory, that has died like the rest of American blue-collar manufacturing towns, or not.

  3. Ruby - this song originally did not have the "cunt" chorus in it, that developed from Justin Hays, Cody Fowler, Kellan Turner and I playing live shows. Justin and I were rehearsing for an upcoming show one day, and as a joke, I threw out that chorus. And it stuck. I've played that song up here in Humboldt, and had a bar full of 100+ college kids all singing that chorus back to me. Now that was fun! We've all dated someone with whom we have a love/hate relationship. And now, we have a name for it: Ruby. ha! ;)

  4. Oblivion - is a song about death, losing a close loved one, be it close family, best friend, or your lover/mate. The week prior to recording this song in the studio, three people I knew died. My good friend Stoney, and I'm still close friends with his daughter & wife. My classmate/artist friend Brandon Raines killed himself, we have just played a show together only a week or two before & I commented to a friend I thought he was going to get signed soon, he had so much musical talent. And then the day before we recorded the song,one of the guitar players I had lined up to play on the album, Ty Christy - his dad died so he had to cancel his session at the last minute, which had the rather direct result of causing my original bandmate Justin Hays to come in & help me lay down all the rhythm guitar parts on the album, which made recording the album really fun for us. However, the day we recorded this song, I was completely blown away by all the recent deaths around me, and you might even hear me crying in the vocal. My head and world were spinning, and that is captured by the swirling disorienting vortex at the end of the song. This one features me on lead guitar. It's always emotional for me.

  5. Freak! - well, I am, like it or not, I suppose, a freak. I'm in-between genders, due to post-surgical medical complications that almost killed me a few times, so if you look in the dictionary under the word Freak, well, you'll probably see my picture. This song is just about embracing the fun of that, the fun of your freak side and celebrating that! "God's a freak!" suggests maybe we should all be a little less judgmental of his/her creations, if everyone actually was created in his/her image. Jury's still out on that.

  6. She's Not Catholic - this is my ode to Frank Black of The Pixies. (Charles.) aka Black Francis. It's about an imagined groupie for Frank Black & the Catholics, and I suppose, also about a hot Catholic girl I once dated. I just figured that after Kim Deal left the Pixies, that maybe Frank needed a good laugh and this would probably remind him of girls he knew from the neighborhood. We've probably all known girls like this - goody two shoes in public, but x-rated behind closed doors. Or boys like this, let's be fair.

  7. Bleed - this is a song about smoking pot & doing mushrooms. Well, not actually. It's about bleeding on stage, pouring your soul out, making a connection with your audience, bearing it all in your performance, in music or other aspects of life. OK, well fuck all that soupy sales shit, it's about illegal drugs. There you caught me, busted. I suppose this is what it's like to smoke pot in a state which considers doing so illegal, constant fear and self-doubt, but fortunately that's changing. But hey, I never did that, never, not ever. ;) ... oh, also, notice that this track is 4:20 for a reason, it took a lot of planning to do that!

  8. We Are The Gods! - It's about my crazy opinion that if we all saw the "god" or spiritual nature in everyone we met, we would not hurt each other, there would be less violence and the world would be a better place. In theory ... Oh, and really, using our 20 second cover of part of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" as a bridge really was an after thought, we just needed something to connect the verse up with the solo section, so on a lark ... well, that lark required us to get approval from the man himself (and his publisher, Essex Music Intl.), an oddity of the music publishing business, and giving the king 50% of our song as he's technically a co-writer of this "derivative" work. But, on the bright side, that led to a legitimate 85/15 publishing deal on the full album from his publisher's subsidiary, TRO Workshop Productions, Inc., so it worked out for all the gods involved, even Ziggy.

  9. In This Moment - I wrote this song mainly about my music college experience, and you can hear that in the progression of the verses/lyrics during the song. The song is about love. Putting your love out to the world. Overcoming your fears and obstacles, and becoming your dreams. It's just a beautiful message & nice way to end the album."

This is BeTh isBell's third full length album. The first The Good Woman Waltz was released while she was a male and before she transitioned gender, under the artist name Bill Isbell. The title cut was the #1 country song in the Texas Top 40 for original Texas songwriters in summer 2006. The second was with psychedelic rock band The Dead Prophets, The Best Of (2010). Both albums received excellent reviews. These albums, and an EP BeTh also released in 2010 "This Is The Blues!", are available on the artist's bandcamp page.

WE ARE THE GODS! - FULL ALBUM DETAILS: Artist: BeThisBell Album Title: We Are The Gods! Release Date: Sept. 15, 2014 Genres: Psychedelic Punk / Grunge / Glam Rock / Indie Rock Musicians/Co-writers: Nicholas Ley (drums), Cody Fowler (bass), Blaise Thompson (guitars), BeTh isBell (guitars & vocals), & Justin Hays (guitars) Producer, Engineer, Mixing: Trent Bell (&co-writer), Bell Labs Recording (Norman, OK) Mastering: Garrett Haines, Treelady Studios (Pittsburgh, PA) Publishing: Essex Music Intl., Inc., obo David Bowie, and ... Essex Music Intl., Inc., and TRO-Workshop Productions, Inc., obo BeThisBell, Isbell, Ley, Fowler, Bell, Thompson & Hays Label: None yet. Independent Release. Website Link: Myspace Link: (we don't do Myspace, lol) Facebook Link: Bandcamp Link: Reverbnation Link: Twitter Link:

Album Copyright Info: BeThisBell "We Are The Gods!" is ©2014 BeThisBell/WCI Music. Track 1 Ancestral Dance written and performed by Beth Isbell. All other songs written and performed by Beth Isbell, Cody Fowler, Nicholas Paul Ley, and Trent Bell (producer). And by Blaise Thompson on tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, and by Justin Hays on tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 10. Track 9 We Are The Gods! is specially copyrighted as follows:

"WE ARE THE GODS! Derivative work of SPACE ODDITY Words and Music by David Bowie, New Words and Music by Beth Isbell, Nicholas Paul Ley, Cody Fowler, Trent Bell and Blaise Thompson ©2014 Essex Music International, Inc. and WCI Music"

The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only)
  • The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only) The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only) The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only) The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only) The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only) The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only) The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only)

The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Album): 2010 The Best Of The Dead Prophets (Full Album Download Only)

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OK, so they made us charge $1 for the full album version BUT if you download the tracks individually, you can actually get all 10 + the bonus track FREE. Although donations are nice too. Thanks!

Shortly after the turn of the century, in a land far away, as rock was evolving and the cauldron was stirring, a legendary Texas trio was creating the direction of rock that is, was, & will forever be … welcome to the foundation of, the neo-classic rock movement.

“The Dead Prophets are here. Mike Clark, Bill Isbell and Ms. Morgan, bring Dallas to life with their unexpected brand of music. This trio of cross-influenced musicians brings retro feel with new ideas to create a blend of innovative tunes that exemplify the braggadocios-ness that is Texas music. The band’s music explodes with artistry at every turn as the multi-dimensional arrangements speak volumes about how rock music has evolved. Each song sounds like an old song and like a new song. Hats off to the DPs!!!” My Texas “Absolutely brilliant!” Melody Syre, Ass. Ed., Buddy Magazine. This CD presents the dead prophets at their very best. What you are listening to is the band's current booking demo, to which we all agreed, and a killer collection of the best moments of The Dead Prophets as of the last moment of our existence, whenever that may be. Well, this is actually what we sounded like the last time we all got together this year, as I remember it anyway. Tracks 1, 2, 5, & 6 are from the band's original demo EP. Track 4 is a live recording from our last rehearsal. Tracks 7, 8, & 9 are tracks featuring Mike Clark & Carol Dierking playing songs the band was working up and even played live at our last TDP shows. Track 3 features TDP's new bassist Kim Nabors on vocals and her former band Capricorn Rises which she submitted as a demo to us when she joined the band in 2010, but we like it & her so much & we put the song in our live sets and also decided to feature her killer performance here. The end result is a truly killer album from start to finish from the legendary cult favorites - The Dead Prophets - at their very best.
The Good Woman Waltz (Album/CD): 2005 The Good Woman Waltz (Physical CD + Downloads)

The Good Woman Waltz (Album/CD): 2005 The Good Woman Waltz (Physical CD + Downloads)

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Bill Isbell's The Good Woman Waltz CD (2005) All songs written by Bill Isbell (vocals, acoustic guitar) feat. some of Nashville's finest pickers! Producer: Matt Wilder (Wilderness Studios, Nashville, TN)

©2005 Bill Isbell (BMI) / WCI Music now WCI Publishing, L.L.C. (California, USA)

Bill Isbell is one of Texas' best new emerging Americana singer-songwriters. This CD has received a wealth of excellent reviews and radio play! Recorded in Nashville, it features excellent performances by some of Nashville's top musicians, including Steve Brewster (Faith Hill), Jenee Keener (Terri Clark), Russ Pahl (Rascall Flatts), and legendary Nashville guitarist Jerry Kimbrough. The Title Cut "The Good Woman Waltz" went to #1 as the best Original Country Song in the Texas Top 40 in July 2006 AND was picked by TAXI (the world's biggest & most respected independent A&R company) as one of their Top 10 favorite songs for the month of July 2008.

This album starts with the excellently produced Serenity; a new folk track which pushes the genre forward while it ponders the search for inner peace. NSAI reviewers picked the next track Mama Said as a potential hit country song on their first listen; the song truly captures the emotion of a child whose father abandons he and his mother. Great keyboard & fiddle work. The next song Train Song is a great rockin' uptempo audience favorite. Don't miss the incredible solo section featuring a truly classic Charlie Daniels' style fiddle v. lead guitar battle that will make you want to boogie all over your living room! Great song to listen to & get you in the mood for a great night out while driving to your favorite local country dive.

The next track, Watch Over Me, has turned out to be the audiences pick for their favorite track and has received a lot of radio airplay, including being selected by, Nashville's premier indie internet radio station as being among the best of today's music. Very Bob Dylan-esque in it's presentation & style with some great changes and lyrics that paint an inspired picture of fear and solace. With a timeless hook, "Lord, please watch over me," you'll be singing this one every time you drive home after a show. The Title Cut - The Good Woman Waltz - is a hilarious country waltz about a woman who leaves her man while stealing his dog, having an affair with a bartender, shooting up his house, and even having an affair with another woman ... and his desire for revenge: "I hope she gets hit by a train!" Absolutely hysterical, particularly in the spoken storybook ending, this song was a Top 10 pick by TAXI in July 2008 and went #1 in Texas in July 2006.

I Want to Know is a killer uptempo country dance tune about our favorite subject - sex, romance & love - asking the timeless question - I Want to Know if you'll love me tonight? Amazing steel guitar work on this track. When It All Comes Down asks young listeners (and perhaps the older ones too) what will you be when you grow up - great mix with an old radio sound. The next track Home is a particularly poignant and very well written story song about a soldier who goes off to war and his promise to his mother to return ... which he does eventually ... in a body bag. "Mama, now don't you worry and don't you cry, 'cause I'm comin' home." This song was picked by Gold Star Siblings for promotion on their official website for families of fallen soldiers and is also a favorite pick by Moozikoo internet radio as one of the best songs among today's country/folk emerging artist scene. This River Is My Friend is a down-home Southern gospel song with a killer backbeat. Great drumming by Steve Brewster who played a Fed-Ex box on top of his snare (true story) to capture the unique drum sound - great vocal & background vocals really nail the feel of this slap your knee masterpiece. The album closes with This House of Love, a beautiful tale of a family's love through all of life's toils and turmoil with a very Bob Dylan & Woody Guthrie type feel & the classic refrain: "Love is still the answer, Love is all you need."

Unlike most of today's albums, this timeless work is a truly excellent ride from start to finish. It's a CD you will likely listen to over & over again."

Check out this review:

"Bill Isbell's 2005 release “THE GOOD WOMAN WALTZ” is an Americana project of cross-genre tunes that represent an artistic but somewhat softer side of Isbell’s music. Nashville pickers, slick production, good songwriting, and excellent performances make this arguably Isbell’s best work to date. The poignant “Home” is a great example of Isbell’s writing, as he takes a timeless yet current topic and provides a new slant. From acoustic country-fied tunes to rock-laden cuts, this is a gem of a disc. There’s even a down home gospel tune, “This River Is My Friend.” Excellent imagery and quality performance, this is a great project." My Texas Music

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Band vocalist & guitarist BeTh isBell on the story behind the September 2014 BeThisBell album WE ARE THE GODS!
"You know that the new album tells a story, or people tell me it does :) ... perhaps, it's this story, which is my story, but all of our stories:

Prelude:Turn it up! Ready for this ride?
It starts with rage against your anger,
a rage, transferred to your hometown,
and which, infects your relationships,
until you experience a close death,
and begin the search to find yourself,
and to explore the fun, break the rules,
and begin to realize to bleed is important,
that we are all gods seeking/radiating love,
and you finally decide just to be who you are.

I suppose you could think of that as one line, per song, in album order. ;)"


BeThisBell's complete We Are The Gods! album (2014) is now available for listening on YouTube in this playlist:


BeThisBell's complete Work It Out EP (2015) is now available (4/15) for listening on YouTube in this playlist:

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The Best of The Dead Prophets CD (2010) - Free or by donation
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Full Band Psychedelic Blues Rock
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This Is The Blues EP (2011) - Free or by donation
Beth's cover of "Thrill Is Gone" #1 on Blues City Radio!
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The Good Woman Waltz CD (2005) - only $8.99
"Gem of a disc. Excellent imagery and quality performance."
Full Band Texas Red Dirt Country
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The Spider (by BeTh isBell & David Rodgers)
Created for Spiderman Soundtrack © 2012

Just a fun little groove song with my friend Dave that will
probably never go anywhere, but maybe, just maybe ;)
Some of BeTh's earlier EPs are out of stock and no longer available including The Aardvark EP (2009), The Awakening EP (2008), Live @ Blue Moon (2007), The Dead Prophets; Bonus Edition (2008), the Dead Prophets EP (2005), The Flying Lenny's EP (2005), and $50 & A Cigarette (2004), although you may still be able to obtain the last few remaining at CD Baby, My Texas Music, or other on-line music retailer sites.  However, you can still find these full albums on YouTube, or on the Video page of this website.  This is a link to a YouTube video playlist of all of BeTh's previous CD & EP release, except $50 & A Cigarette (most of which is included on The Flying Lennys EP on YouTube), and The Dead Prophets EP and Bonus Edition CD, the best tracks of which are incorporated into and included on The Best of The Dead Prophets (2010), & have therefore been discontinued). This playlist contains all BeTh's early albums/EPs:

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You know, the ones from when they were first starting out, having fun playing shows in music college at ACM@UCO, back before they became ...