BeTh's New Single "Shine On" from her new "Work It Out" EP (official release 4/15/15)
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BeThisBell ∆ We Are The Gods! (Released Sept. 15, 2014)
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And we just got an email that the new album has now broken into the Top 40 on ReverbNation.  Maybe billboard too?  ;)

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Listen to Sample of BeThisBell's 2014 psychedelic grunge punk rock album "We Are The Gods!"
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Band vocalist & guitarist BeTh isBell on the story behind the new BeThisBell album WE ARE THE GODS!
"You know that the new album tells a story, or people tell me it does :) ... perhaps, it's this story, which is my story, but all of our stories:

Prelude:Turn it up! Ready for this ride?
It starts with rage against your anger,
a rage, transferred to your hometown,
and which, infects your relationships,
until you experience a close death,
and begin the search to find yourself,
and to explore the fun, break the rules,
and begin to realize to bleed is important,
that we are all gods seeking/radiating love,
and you finally decide just to be who you are.

I suppose you could think of that as one line, per song, in album order. ;)"



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The Best of The Dead Prophets CD (2010) - Free or by donation
"This band's music explodes with artistry at every turn!"
Full Band Psychedelic Blues Rock
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This Is The Blues EP (2011) - Free or by donation
Beth's cover of "Thrill Is Gone" #1 on Blues City Radio!
Full Band Classic Blues Covers
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The Good Woman Waltz CD (2005) - only $8.99
"Gem of a disc. Excellent imagery and quality performance."
Full Band Texas Red Dirt Country
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The Spider (by BeTh isBell & David Rodgers)
Created for Spiderman Soundtrack © 2012

Just a fun little groove song with my friend Dave that will
probably never go anywhere, but maybe, just maybe ;)
Some of BeTh's earlier EPs are out of stock and no longer available including The Aardvark EP (2009), The Awakening EP (2008), Live @ Blue Moon (2007), and The Flying Lenny's EP (2004), although you may still be able to obtain the last few remaining at CD Baby, My Texas Music, or other on-line music retailer sites.  However, you can still find these full albums on YouTube, or on the Video page of this website.  This is a link to a YouTube video playlist of all of BeTh's previous CD & EP releases, including all of the ones listed for sale above and including the additional ones discussed in this note:

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